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Video: Finding Full Text: Article Title

Written Directions - Finding Full Text: Article Title

The following directions walk you through how to use the Big Red Box on the Library's homepage to search for full text using an article title. These directions are a supplement to the video.

Finding Full Text - Article Title Search

Step 1

Using the Big Red Box, enter the title of your article and uncheck the blue "Available at Fisher" box. Press enter or select the magnifying glass to search.

Big red box with article title:  Actual Versus Perceived Generational Differences at Work: An Empirical Examination, in the search box, and Available at Fisher checkbox unchecked

Step 2

Look at the results, your article will usually be one of the first listed. Select the Available Online link to access the full text. If no Available Online link is showing, you will see a Request through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) link. Follow this link to place an ILL request.

results list from title search, article searched in outlined in black with Available Online link highlighted

Step 3

Download the full text PDF (when available, sometimes you might only see HTML).

image of sage journals result for article search, PDF / ePub link is outlined.


Save your downloaded PDF to a project folder, on your computer or Google Drive, with a new file name. The PDF will often download with a string of numbers or something else unhelpful. Use a file name that is meaningful, like the article title, so you can more easily find it later.