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Database Access Problems - Troubleshooting

The Problem

Are you having trouble accessing a database, from on-campus or off? The steps in this guide should help.

The Process

  1. Access the database from the library's Database page -- if you're linking from an outside website, your link might not work correctly.
  2. If you have another internet browser installed, try using a different one (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and see if you can access the database.
  3. Try closing your browser and re-opening it, then clearing your "cache." This is a stored copy of recently accessed web data, which can sometimes interfere with logins and secure access. You can clear your cache by deleting "browser history" -- this may be accessed by clicking Tools, Clear Recent History, or Internet Options, depending on your browser. (Instructions for clearing cache)
  4. If you are accessing from off-campus, after clicking into a database, you will go into what is called a "proxy" login. This asks you to verify your affiliation to Fisher by typing in your OIT login (the first part of your SJF email address, before the "@" sign.
    • Are you accessing from a computer at work, off-campus? Your workplace may have firewall software that prevents data transmission of the sort that the database or our proxy login are requiring. Ask your workplace's IT department if this is the case.
    • If this login screen does not accept your user name or password, make sure:
      • you're using your OIT login (not the @number from your student/staff ID),
      • caps lock is not enabled,
      • you're using the right password.
    • If you need to reset your password, contact the OIT Service Desk.
    • If you're accessing from off-campus, but the site does not display a proxy login after clicking a database link on the library's page, contact the Systems Department. That database may have a problem we need to address.

Report a Problem

If these troubleshooting steps didn't get you access, please let us know. Send an email to

Please include:

  • Name of database
  • Whether on- or off-campus
  • Your SJF email address
  • Detailed description of problem

Remember: if you're seeing a problem, you're probably not alone!