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Equipment at Lavery Library

All the equipment for loan behind the Checkout Desk at the Lavery Library

About This Guide

Equipment @ Lavery Library

The Lavery Library at St. John Fisher University has many items for loan besides what you see on the shelves. While we loan books, games, DVDs, and movies, we also have quite a few other items such as chargers, cameras, whiteboard markers, and our new iPad Accessories. Check them out here before stopping by the Checkout Desk to try them yourself!

Equipment is available for current Fisher students, staff, and faculty.

Loan Periods

  • # Days - May be borrowed until the time the library closes after # days (i.e. 3 Days, 5 Days).
  • Same Day - May be borrowed until the time the library closes on the day you check out the item.
  • # Hours - May be borrows for # hours (i.e 3 Hours, 12 Hours).