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Literature Reviews & Evidence Syntheses


This guide provides information and definitions about different types of literature reviews, or more broadly, an evidence synthesis. The term "evidence synthesis" might be new to you, but, in brief, it’s any method of identifying, selecting, and combining results from multiple sources. There are many types of evidence syntheses which will be defined throughout this guide.

About this guide

The links below can be used to navigate this guide, or you can use the left-side navigation to move through different pages. At any point while using this guide or working on your evidence synthesis, you can reach out to the librarians for help.

What type of review is right for you?

The PDF below is from Cornell University Library and is a decision tree you can use to identify the type of review you want to write.

*This guide has reused material, with permission, from Cornell University Library's A Guide to Evidence Synthesis:, maintained by the Evidence Synthesis Team.