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RRLC Access Passes

What is the RRLC Access Pass Program?

RRLC Access Passes are:

  • A means to extend direct access to participating libraries' physical collections, as needed. If a specific resource is only available at a participating library and is required sooner than the turnaround time interlibrary loan can provide, an RRLC Access Pass may be used to borrow directly from a participating library. 

  • Issued by Lavery Library staff to current Fisher undergraduates, graduates, and faculty/staff. 

How do I register?

All Fisher students, staff and faculty are eligible for an RRLC Access Pass*.

Visit the Lavery Library Checkout Desk with your Fisher ID to sign up for an RRLC Access Pass.  

Prior to signing up for an RRLC Access Pass, students should meet with a librarian to confirm their research needs merit obtaining an RRLC Access pass. RRLC Access Passes are designed to supplement Lavery Library resources in these cases: 

  • Lavery Library does not have the item OR an appropriate alternative resource
  • Lavery Library cannot obtain the item through interlibrary loan, or obtain the item within the required timeframe  

*Faculty and staff are not required to meet with a librarian prior to signing up for an RRLC Access Pass. 


What is an Access Pass?

It is an electronic pass sent via email after you register at the Checkout Desk at Lavery Library. It enables current Fisher students, staff and faculty to borrow from other libraries without using Interlibrary Loan. 

How do I borrow materials?

Bring your photo ID and your new RRLC Access Pass to a participating library.  At some libraries you will need to make an appointment first. See the list of participating libraries at the link below. 

How do I return materials?

Items may be returned to Lavery library or the library from where the item was borrowed.  Please contact the Checkout Desk for more information.

How long does my RRLC Access Pass last? 

Passes are valid for one year after date of issue. 

What if I lose an item?

You will be held responsible for any lost or damaged materials.  This may result in a hold placed on your student account.

Which libraries may I visit with my RRLC Access Pass?  Do I need an appointment? 

See the link below for information about each participating library, including which types of patrons may borrow and if an appointment is necessary.  

Where can I learn more?

Fisher faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to talk with a Checkout Desk staff about an RRLC Access Pass. If you are a student, please meet with a librarian to discuss resources for your research needs prior to obtaining an RRLC Access Pass.