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SAGE Research Methods

Discover a Method

Method Map Searching

Example Method: Surveys

Possibly, you read about a method in a research article, but you don't completely understand the details. Using the Methods Map, you are able to search specific methods, and even look at broader, narrower, and related methods. Once you find the method you want to learn more about, you can "Search all the content..." about the method within Sage Research Methods.

Consider the search below

A research article talked about using surveys to collect their data. What terms are broader or narrower, or are there related terms? This video contains no narration.

Explore the Resources

Content about Online Surveys

There is a lot available within the results for online surveys, including books, foundations, datasets, cases, videos, and more.

This section will look at three of the resources available through SAGE Research Methods when learning about online surveys: Books, Cases, and Videos. Be sure to check out all the available content when you're reviewing your own method.


Including handbooks, encyclopedias, Little Blue Books, and Little Green Books. -- all fully online and accessible! Read about surveys for research, learn how surveys are developed, and discover how to implement one for your project. This video contains no narration.


Would you rather hear from the expert than read a book? Watch a video about a survey method, hear about top tips for designing questionnaires, or listen to the types of survey formats. This video contains no narration.