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Core LC 10XX

This guide accompanies the library session in the Learning Communities (LC) courses.

LC Library Session Pre-work

Helpful notes:

  • Estimated time for completion: 30-40 minutes

  • Consider using two devices when completing the pre-work. It will not work well in a split-screen view. We suggest using your iPad and a computer (personal, on the main level of the library, or in a campus computer lab) so that you are able to view the form linked above, while also practicing the skills through a web browser. If using just one device (computer or iPad), that's fine, just be ready to flip back and forth between tabs often.

  • Do your best for each answer. If you have questions, your course librarian can answer them at your upcoming in-class library session.

Important note:

The link and information above are the only requirement you need to complete before your upcoming in-class library session. All other information included on this research guide will be covered with a librarian during your in-class session.