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Educational Technology EDUC204 and the SIFT Method

The SIFT Method for Evaluating Information and Sources

SIFT acronym explained

Need a refresher about the SIFT method?

Want a refresher? Before starting moving on to the 'F' and 'T' portions of the SIFT method, use the link below to view a 5.5 minute video overview of Mike Caulfield explaining the SIFT method of evaluating online information and resources, including details about the 'S' and 'I' portions. (Note: This content is what is covered in EDUC102's library session.)


Access the research guide used in EDUC102 using the link below, where we introduce the SIFT method when looking at website reliability.

Ed Tech, EDUC204, and the SIFT method

After learning in EDUC102 about 'S' (stop) and 'I' (investigating the source), let's move on to examine the 'F' and 'T' portions of the SIFT method.

F -- find better coverage

T -- trace claims, quotes, and media to the original context


In the 90-second video below, Mike Caulfield explains the 'F' -- Find the original (or better) context


In the 4-minute video below, Mike Caulfield explains SIFT's 'T' -- Trace to the original context