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Athletic Performance Resources

Databases, books, and other recommended resources for Athletic Performance

Searching for Articles

There are over 150 databases available at Lavery Library that you can use to search for articles and sources. The curated list below is a starting point for your research in the disciplines covered in Athletic Studies. The databases and resources listed below are a combination of scholarly, popular, and primary sources. 

Subject Databases

The databases below contain resources related to the study athletic performance and related issues.

Multidisciplinary Databases and Google Scholar

You can use these to find a variety of sources, including scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, across many topics.

Newspapers & Magazines

Tutorials and How-Tos

Some Key Journals in Athletic Performance

Video: Find Articles in a Specific Journal

Learn how to find a specific journal through the library's website. You can browse a journal for articles on your topic, and search within a specific journal for keywords related to your topic.