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Other research

You can use these resources to learn more about industries and market research. 

For demographics and consumer information, see Marketing, Advertising, Consumers & Demographics.

These are some recommended resources, but if these aren't helping with your project or topic, please contact the Business Librarian for support.

Industry Analysis & Market Research Resources

You can find the latest Industry reports in the IndustrySurveys section of S&P Global NetAdvantage:

NetAdvantage database with IndustrySurveys selected from top-level navigation and Select a GICS Industry box highlighted



You can also search by NAICS code:

Business Source Premier search page with NAICS code 316992 in first search box, and IC NAICS Code or Description selected

NAICS Codes & Business Insights: Global

About NAICS Codes

Researching an Industry? The U.S. government assigns NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes to each industry. You can look up the code for an industry, and use that code in library databases to find industry and company reports.

Look up the NAICS Code for an Industry

Look up a Company's NAICS Code in Business Insights: Global

You can look up the code for a particular company using Business Insights: Global.

  1. Search for a company by name.
  2. View the company profile.
  3. Look for the NAICS codes that have been applied to this company in the "Industry" section.

The Wall Street Journal

You can access news and information about companies and industries in The Wall Street Journal.

Use the site search, and enter:

  • company name
  • industry name
  • ticker symbol

Featured Companies

Some companies have a featured WSJ page featuring recent news, market data, and competitor information.

In this example: in the search bar, the ticker symbol for Microsoft has been entered, MSFT. Options appear below the search box, including the top result, US Nasdaq page for the company.

The Wall Street Journal search box: the letters MSFT have been entered