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Researching Business Information

Tutorials and links for researching company information and corporate governance issues.

Tutorials on Library Databases

About Library Databases

A library database is an organized collection of published information. In a database, you might find articles from scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers, or other types of information.

The library subscribes to dozens of databases that contain scholarly and peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Watch these Tutorials on Database Searching

On this page, learn how search in a database, and:

  • Break down your research question into search terms and keywords
  • Enter your search terms into a database to find articles
  • Search with operators like AND and OR
  • Use truncation to expand your results in a database

Tip: To get the most out of these videos, you should first watch the videos from this guide's previous page:

Tutorial: Creating Search Statements: Piece Together Keywords

This is the second in the Creating Search Statements series and builds on Creating Search Statements: Find Keywords, in this tutorial you will learn how combine your keywords in order to search specific library databases.

Tutorial: Creating Search Statements: Expand your Results

This is the final video in a three-part series on Creating Search Statements. This video introduces how to use truncation to expand search results.

Tutorial: Locate an Article's Full Text/PDF in a Database

Learn how to use the Get It @ Fisher link in database search results to locate full text in another database or through Interlibrary Loan.