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Guide with various resources for literature, literary criticism, and more

Books at Lavery

You can use the library's Big Red Box to find books, ebooks, and book chapters available through Lavery Library.

Books Beyond Lavery

To find books and ebooks at Lavery Library and beyond, you can use WorldCat. WorldCat is a catalog that shows books available from libraries worldwide.

Do you need a book not available at Lavery Library? 

Searching WorldCat, you may find a book or ebook that would be good for your topic, but not available at Lavery. If that's the case, you can submit a request via interlibrary loan and we will get it for you. Just need a chapter? You can submit just a chapter, too!  Learn more about interlibrary loan:

Tips for Finding Books

Physical books about literature, writing, and language are available at Lavery! To find them, start browsing these sections. If you're looking for a specific book, you can ask for help at the Checkout Desk! 

  • P: Philology, Linguistics
  • PE: English language 
  • PN: Literature (general)
  • PR: English Literature
  • PS: American Literature