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Searching the Literature

About Searching the Literature

You can follow these steps and watch the video tutorials on this page to complete your literature search.

Questions? Contact a librarian and we can help.

Start Your Search: Big Red Box

Start your search with the Big Red Box

You can start searching by visiting Lavery Library's home page, and using the Big Red Box. 

Lavery Library's Big Red Box

Tutorial: Searching the Big Red Box: The Basics

Learn the basics of using the Library's Big Red Search Box!

Tutorial: Creating Search Statements

This video is the first in a three-part series of Creating Search Statements. This video introduces the concept of selecting keywords from your research topic or question in order to search for library resources.

About Library Databases

What is a library database?

A library database is an organized collection of published information. In a database, you might find articles from scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers, or other types of information.

About subject-specific databases

The library has specialized databases for many subjects, such as psychology, nursing, and history. You can choose a database that matches your subject to find information and resources for your literature search.

Creating Search Statements: Piece Together Keywords

This is the second in the Creating Search Statements series and builds on Creating Search Statements: Find Keywords, in this tutorial you will learn how combine your keywords in order to search specific library databases.

Tutorial: Research Tips

It's important to get and stay organized when doing research. Here are some of Lavery Library's top suggestions for staying organized.

Tutorial: Finding Full Text of an Article

Learn how to use the Big Red Box and an article title to find full text.

Tutorial: Seeing the Future of Scholarship

This video tutorial will teach you how to see who is citing your article.