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Research Basics at Lavery Library

Get started with searching library resources at Lavery Library at St. John Fisher University

Select a Database

You can bring these skills together by searching a library database to find articles for your research.

The library has specialized databases for many subjects, such as psychology, English literature, science, education, sport management, and many more. 


Watch this 30-second video to learn how to find databases by subject:

You can find the best databases for your topic by using the subject filter. NOTE: This video has no narration.

Recommended Databases for Any Subject

The librarians recommend these general research databases for most research topics. They are a good place to start because they cover all disciplines:

You can go to Lavery Library's A to Z list of databases to find the best databases for your research project.

Wondering which database to choose? Ask your instructor. Or you can ask a librarian! We are here to help.