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Research Basics at Lavery Library

Get started with searching library resources at Lavery Library at St. John Fisher University

Start at the Library

Are you looking for scholarly or peer-reviewed sources?

It’s important to always start your research at the library home page in order to get the free access to resources that comes with being a Fisher student.

You can find articles, books, and more by visiting the library home page.

The Big Red Box

image of the library's main search box

On Lavery Library's home page you will find a search box. We like to call it the Big Red Box.

It is a great place to start when you are looking for information on a topic, or working on a research project.

You can use the Big Red Box to find:

  • Books
  • eBooks
  • Scholarly articles written by researchers
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • DVDs
  • Streaming movies
  • ...and more

How to Use the Big Red Box

To get started with a research project or assignment, you can enter key words or phrases about your topic into the Big Red Box.


Watch these videos for a demo. You will learn tips and tricks for finding and saving articles.

Learn the basics of using the Library's Big Red Search Box!

Quiz Yourself

You can take this ungraded quiz to make sure you know the basics about finding books.


  1. Answer the quiz question.
  2. Select Submit.
  3. Select View Accuracy to see how well you did on the quiz.