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Scholarly Publishing Module

This Guide describes the Scholarly Publishing Module, a 10 week program, that is available for student researchers at Fisher

Module Overview

Many undergraduate researchers move on to professional school, graduate school or employment without ever addressing Scholarly Publishing.  This ten week, asynchronous online module, allows student researchers to engage with scholarly publishing topics and to reflect on themselves as a creator and disseminator of research. 

This is a totally unique experience! We are pretty sure this is the only program of its kind for undergraduate researchers.  

Throughout the module you will hear from different faculty members from across campus regarding their experiences with scholarly research and publishing. 


By completing the 10 week module, a student will be able to:

  1. Contribute advanced literature searching and management skills to a team. 
  2. Advocate for their rights as an author.
  3. Choose ethical and prosperous paths for dissemination.


Cognitive Domain:

  1. Point out how advanced search features in a database apply to their discipline.
  2. Appraise citation management software and personal practices for citation management. 
  3. Evaluate the peer review process.  
  4. Predict common elements for submitting a manuscript including the consideration of authorship, cover letters, open access and article processing charges.
  5. Recognize the role that undergraduate research journals play in scholarly publishing. 
  6. Prepare personal criteria to apply to a journal for evaluation purposes.  

Affective Domain:

  1. Assume responsibility for communicating and negotiating their authorship role in a scholarly project. 
  2. Judge issues of scientific misconduct in regards to authorship and predatory publishing.