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HNRS 2358 Environmental Racism

Guide with links and resources for students in HNRS2538 Environmental Racism, Fall 2021

Agenda for Library Visit 2

  • General Review of Exit Survey Questions
  • Citation mining -Finding More
  • Open workshop with mini conferences:
    • What sources have you used?
    • What information is still missing?
    • What source types do you need?  

Agenda for Library Visit 1

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Brainstorming topics and keywords
  • Searching in the "Big Red Box"
  • By 5:15pm: Workshop
    • Saving sources
    • Additional databases to explore
  • Creating a NYT Account
  • Next steps and Exit Survey



  1. Recognize the key concepts within your research statement and brainstorm related key-terms. 
  2. Find eBooks, books, scholarly articles, and other relevant sources.
    1. Sign up for ILL account and NY Times accounts!  
  3. Consider how to save and organize your research.