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Google Scholar

Learn how to configure Google Scholar to link to St. John Fisher College Lavery Library's databases and how to effectively use this search engine.

Google Alerts

Google Scholar Alerts are a great way to stay current on emerging research related to a specific topic. You can create them by using keywords from your research to build a search, and Google Scholar will email you with the newest resources being published on your topic. Below are the steps to set up your own Google Scholar Alerts.

Set up Alerts

You can use an existing Google Account (e.g., Fisher student account) to create Google Scholar Alerts. Or, you can use any active email account. The video below will guide you through creating Google Scholar Alerts of your own. This video has no narrative audio, descriptive captions are available.

Pro Tip: Use Boolean searching to build stronger Google Alerts and retrieve more relevant resources.

Managing Google Scholar Alerts

You can manage your Alerts, including deleting or creating new Alerts from the menu. Use the menu to access your Alerts.

Google Scholar home page with an arrow pointing to the menu and a callout box: Open the menu to find the Alerts page.

Find the Alerts option on the menu. Select Alerts.

Alerts link highlighted, arrow with callout box: Select alerts to manage your Google Scholar Alerts

From the Google Scholar Alerts page you can delete current Alerts or create new ones.

Google Scholar alerts page showing three Alerts for