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Google Scholar

Learn how to configure Google Scholar to link to St. John Fisher College Lavery Library's databases and how to effectively use this search engine.

Adding Get It @ Fisher links

You can set up Google Scholar to display "Get It @ Fisher" links to your search results. Having the "Get It @ Fisher" links in Google Scholar allows you to access the full text of sources through the Library subscriptions or request sources through Interlibrary Loan.

When you select a "Get It @ Fisher" link, you are searching across all of the Library's collections for full-text access. If full-text access for the source is not available, you can request a copy of the article through our Interlibrary Loan service.

When you are working on campus the "Get it @ Fisher" link will automatically display for items in your Google Scholar search results, but when you are working off campus you will need to set up Get it @ Fisher with Google Scholar in order to see these links.

Set up Get It @ Fisher with Google Scholar

Step 1

 Go to Google Scholar:

Step 2

Select the menu in the upper left corner to access the Settings options.

Google Scholar home page with main menu icon circled.

Step 3

Select Settings.

Google Scholar home page with the menu open, and Settings option circled.

Step 4

Select "Library links" from the left-side options, and search for St. John Fisher College. Once you see St. John Fisher College Lavery Library below the search box, check the box and select Save. After you save you will be redirected back to the Google Scholar homepage.

Settings menu page with Library Links menu highlighted. St. John Fisher College is typed into the search bar, and the St. John Fisher College Lavery Library - Get It @ Fisher - Get it @ Fisher option is highlighted.

Using Get It @ Fisher links

Now, when you search Google Scholar you will see "Get It @ Fisher" links to the right of the individual resources.You can select these links to search across the Library's collection for full-text access, or request items through Interlibrary Loan.

Google Scholar search results for two articles. Each article features Get it @ Fisher link.