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Google Scholar

Learn how to configure Google Scholar to link to St. John Fisher College Lavery Library's databases and how to effectively use this search engine.

Quick Tips

Below are a few quick tips for searching Google Scholar, including advanced techniques for searching file formats and removing items.

Advanced Search

You can access the Advanced Search through the menu in the upper left corner of Google Scholar.

This short video clip will demo accessing Advanced Search and how to use the search options in this menu. This video has no narrative audio, descriptive captions are available.

Pro Tip: You can apply a date filter or remove certain keywords from the search results from the Advanced Search.

Field Codes

Field codes are a way to search a particular file type (e.g., PDF, PPT, etc.) or website (e.g., .org, .edu, etc.). These codes can be useful when you are looking for information from a government website or trying to locate presentation slides. Check out the two images below to see how you can format these searches for yourself.

Pro Tip: You can use these same field codes in any Google search.

Site Search

You can restrict your search results to a particular domain. Enter the following before entering your keywords: or or

Google Scholar search results page with the search terms highlighted. The search terms are librarian stereotype.

File type Search

You will want to enter the following before entering your keywords: filetype:ppt, or whatever file type designation you want to limit your results to for a given search.

Google Scholar search results page with search terms highlighted. The search terms are filetype:ppt librarian stereotype

Legal Research Tips

Learn how to conduct legal research using Google Scholar. The two resource links below provide helpful instruction on starting legal researching through Google Scholar.

Help at Fisher

Below are links to related Library Guides at Lavery to help you continue your research. And remember, if you ever need help you can contact the Lavery Librarians for research help.

Help Outside Fisher

Still looking for more search tips? Use the links below to access search tips from outside Fisher.