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Scholarly Impact

Resources to analyze authors, journals, and articles.

What is Journal Impact

Measuring journal impact offers insight into the reach of individual journal titles for a particular field of study. In the most basic terms, impact is journal impact looks at the number of articles published in a particular journal each year and citations to articles for the journal There are a number of tools used to measure impact, the information below will introduce you to a few of the common ways journals measure impact.

Common Metrics

Common measurements for journal impact include Impact Factor, SciMAGO Journal Ranking, Eigenfactor, H Indexes, and CiteScore, explored below.

Note: Journal impact or journal rank is about the journal, not about articles published within that journal. For more information about "article-level" impact, refer to the Manuscript Impact page of this guide.

Resources for Journal Metrics


Most of the following tools used to rank journal impact are freely available online, and do not need to be accessed through the Databases A-Z list.

ProQuest Central and JCR Information

You are able to access minimal Journal Citation Reports (JCR) information in the database ProQuest Central.  From inside ProQuest Central, select the Hamburger Menu to access Publications.  Search for a publication by title or by subject.  

Box shows the ProQuest Central Homepage highlighting the burger menu in the upper left hand corner.

Screenshot of an entry for the Journal of the Medical Library Association.  A box on the right is highlighted to show JCR information like rank and quartile..

Subscription Resources Accessible at Nearby Institutions

The following resources are additional journal impact tools that require subscriptions and are available at area colleges.

  • Journal Citation Reports: Data for comparing journals within a discipline using journal impact factors and immediacy indexes.
    • Available from University of Rochester Libraries or RIT Libraries

Please visit these college or university library pages to learn how you can access these resources: