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Scholarly Impact

Resources to analyze authors, journals, and articles.

What is Manuscript Impact?

Manuscript-level metrics, also referred to as article-level metrics, take into account traditional metrics like citations, and also include alternative metrics or "altmetrics."

Common Manuscript Metrics

Article Citations

Citations to an article can be analyzed in multiple ways:

  • Total number of citations for an individual article 
  • Geographic location of citations
  • Disciplinary distribution of citations
  • Citations compared to average citations in that journal or a particular field


Common alternative metrics or Altmetrics are download counts and social media mentions, which help to measure the impact of an article outside of the formal mechanism of citations.

Altmetrics can answer questions such as:

  • How many times was it downloaded?
  • Who is reading my work? (on Mendeley, bookmarking sites, etc.)
  • Was it covered by any news agencies?
  • Are other researchers commenting on it?
  • How many times was it shared? (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Which countries are looking at my research?

Free Online Tools to Measure Manuscript Impact

Free Online Tools

The following tools used to how author impact are freely available online, and do not need to be accessed through the Databases A-Z list.

Lavery Library Resources to Measure Manuscript Impact

Lavery Library Resources

Many of the databases available through Lavery Library now include altmetrics alongside article information. There, you can find which research and other media cite a manuscript, how many times an article has been downloaded, and more. The following two resources, available from the Library Database A-Z list, go beyond altmetrics to connect you to related citations.

Fisher Digital Publications - The Institutional Repository of St. John Fisher College

Fisher Digital Publications is Fisher's institutional repository, an online archive of works created by students, faculty, and staff.

Subscription Resources Accessible at Nearby Institutions

The following resources are additional manuscript impact tools that require subscriptions and are available at area colleges.

  • Web of Science: Available from University of Rochester Libraries or RIT Libraries 

Please visit these college or university library pages to learn how you can access these resources: