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Tests, Instruments & Measurement Tools

Use this guide to gather information and critiques of various tests in psychology, counseling, education or human relations.

Finding tools

Finding and Obtaining Measurement Tools

Once you land on a measurement tool you want to use for your own research, it's time to obtain the full text. There are a number of ways in which you can access full text. The boxes below will go into detail about each of the ways you might be able to find the full version of the measurement tool you've selected.

Review the information in the boxes below about obtaining full text; if you have a question about any of these steps, reach out to your liaison librarian for help. Forgot who your librarian is? Use the link below to review the list of liaison librarians.

Full Text

Searching outside Lavery Library

The resources below can be used for locating full versions of measurement tools. This list is by no means exhaustive, but should serve as a jumping-off point when looking to find full versions of measurement tools you've identified.

Interlibrary Loan

Requesting through Interlibrary Loan

Once you've selected a measurement tool, it's time to find the full version. If you aren't able to locate a full version through Lavery Library resources or the above websites, you can submit a request through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). You can submit these just as you would submit an article request. After logging into your ILL account, select the "Request an Article" button to be prompted to fill out the request form (see below).

interlibrary loan homepage with New Request menu open and Article highlighted, select the article request from to request a measurement tool

Complete the request form

Without a special request form for measurement tools, there are a few small, but significant, differences in how you will need to complete this request. In the ARTICLE TITLE box, use the name of the measurement tool you're requesting. In the example below, I'm requesting a copy of the Work Stressors Inventory for Nurses in Oncology (WSION), 2013. You will still use the journal or conference title box as normal, and be sure to include as much information as possible, including authors, volume and issue numbers, and the year of publication. Lastly, in the NOTES box, make sure to leave a note for the ILL departments stating that you are looking for the measurement tool, not the article it was reported within.

completed article request form, using the measurement tool name in place of article title; notes field includes telling ILL department you are looking for the measurement tool

Requesting through Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI)

HaPI has an embedded Get it @ Fisher link because of this ILL requests are streamlined. As with other Lavery databases, you can use the Get it @ Fisher link to search across databases to see if the Library has a resource somewhere else in the Collection, or be directed to request a resource through ILL. In the case of a HaPI resource, you will almost always be directed to request full text through ILL. In the example below, I've used the Get it @ Fisher link to search for full text of the Patient Recovery Inventory tool, found within the book Instruments for measuring nursing practice and other health care variables.

link to request from interlibrary load page to start request.

Checking the pre-filled form

Be sure to review all the boxes (fields) on the request form for accuracy. As in the example above for requesting a measurement tool using a blank form, make sure to have as much information as possible in each box. In this case, the example search is actually requesting a book, but make sure you include in the NOTES field you are looking for the Patient Recovery Inventory; this way you ensure the ILL department will know what you are looking for in your request. I also included the permalink for the the HaPI record; this isn't required, but more information can be helpful in tracking down requested items.

interlibrary request form for patient recovery inventory; in the notes field tell ILL department you are looking for the measurement tool

One more thing

You might receive a follow-up email from ILL about your request, asking for additional information about your research project. This is because often the creators of these tools require this information before allowing others to use their tool. Make sure you reply to ILL as soon as possible to keep the request process moving forward.

K-12 Resource Center

Locating Physical Assessment Kits in Lavery Library

Once you've selected the assessment kit you'd like to check out, sign into your library account and request the item. The item can then be picked up at the Library's Checkout Desk. If ever you need help locating an item in the Library, you can ask as the Checkout Desk and someone will be able to help you find the physical item.

sign in to request an item for pickup