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Marketing Principles & Buyer Behavior

Advanced Search

Advanced Search Tips

You can use use these advanced search techniques in Duck Duck Go, Bing, or Google to find information about marketing and buyer behavior:

Do a Site Search

You can restrict your search results to a particular domain. Enter the following before entering your keywords: or or

Example Google search: higher education and graduate school or graduate programs

Google search box reading higher education and graduate school or graduate programs

File type Search

Find pages in PDF, PowerPoint, or another format you prefer. Research often appears as a PDF or a PowerPoint file.

Include in your search filetype:pptx or filetype:pdf or another file type.

Example Duck Duck Go search: filetype:pdf MBA and millennials or generation z

More Advanced Searching Ideas

Google vs. Duck Duck Go

Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go are both internet search engines. 

You should always consider privacy when using Google; some people prefer to use Duck Duck Go for privacy. You can try any of these search engines, or all of them for your research.

Duck Duck Go