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Resources for School of Education

Accessing K-12 library materials during the Library’s renovation

All K-12 materials, and other Library materials, are accessible and available to borrow throughout the Library building's renovation.


Browse and Borrow

There is a mini collection of K-12 items available in the "Lavery Under the Steeple" space, located in Kearney-050.

This collection includes a variety of picture, non-fiction, biography, bilingual, fairy tale, chapter, and graphic novel books.

Browse and borrow these materials! The K-12 items are located on the shelves next to the Checkout Desk.

By Request

More K-12 materials are available by request.

Sign in with your Fisher credentials (shown below) when searching through the Library's big red search box. Once signed in, the "Request for Pickup" option will show for items available by request within the "Get It" section of the item's details (also shown below). Complete the request and pick up items at the Library's Checkout Desk, located in the "Lavery Under the Steeple" space in Kearney-050.


Screenshot showing two options to sign in once you're run an initial search in the Library's big red search box. Screenshot showing two options to sign in once you’ve run an initial search in the Library’s big red search box.


Screenshot showing where the Request for Pickup option is located within an item's detailed record. (Note: this option only shows once you're logged in.)
Screenshot showing where the Request for Pickup option is located within an item’s detailed record. (Note: this option only shows once you’re logged in.)

Online Databases and E-books

All online research databases, K-12 level databases, and e-books are still accessible.

For databases: Start at the Lavery Library website and select the 'Find Databases' red button that is located under the big red search box.

For e-books: Search through the big red search box on the Library's homepage and then filter the results to e-books and e-book chapters.

AccuCut Machine and Paper Cutter

The AccuCut machine and stamps are located in the RCW103A office.

This office should be unlocked. Remember to bring your own paper and please close the door behind you when done.

Finding the Education Librarian

Throughout the Library building renovation, Stacia Maiorani, the Education Librarian, is located in the School of Education: office RCW 103. Feel free to stop by or email her anytime.

More information about Lavery Library's Renovation

Find more information about Lavery Library's renovation and accessing materials at the following link.

Please email with issues (broken links, missing info), and they will be addressed as soon as possible.