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Interlibrary Loan

Can't find what you need at Lavery Library? We can help you get it! Interlibrary Loan materials not in Lavery Library and watch your research possibilities become endless! Questions? Contact us at or 585-385-8106

Renewing your ILL materials

The directions below will help you to renew materials you have checked out through ILL. If you renew an item, please be aware that the renewal may be denied and you will be contacted and asked to return the item immediately.

Are you a student in a hybrid, online, or extension site program? Please visit the link below to see your renewal procedures.

On-campus Renewal

For on-campus students, faculty, and staff, sign into your ILL account.

Renew Checked-Out Items

Select "Renew" for any items you want to renew.

checked-out items menu with renew request button outlined

Renewal Confirmation

After you select "Renew" your item(s) will automatically be requested for renewal. Please be aware that now all renewal are granted by lending libraries. You will be notified by email if you renewal was accepted.

renewal request confirmation with further requests submitted to

No Renewal Option?

If there is no option for a renewal, please send us an email at or call the Checkout Desk at 585-385-8165. The ILL system only permits you to renew items once, but we can contact the lending library and ask for another renewal if you still need the item!