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A growing repository of the vast array of databases and online tools in the field of biology and its sub-disciplines. Includes extended descriptions of each resource and links to tutorials.


FooDB is a database of the macro and micronutrients of a wide array of non-processed foods. Containing biological and taxonomical information on the plants and animals included along with in depth lists of the chemical components present in the food product. The database is searchable by Food, Chemical Compound, Nutrient, and Analytical Techniques. The database also contains very in depth information on a collection of common foods such as Beef, Eggs, Wheat, ect.   


Operating Institute: The Metabolomics Innovation Center 

Supporting Institution(s): Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Genome Canada, Genome Alberta, Genome British Columbia


Example Page - Shows the output of example searches 

In depth Food Reports 



Created: 5/4/2019

Reviewed: 5/17/2019

Revised: 5/17/2019