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A growing repository of the vast array of databases and online tools in the field of biology and its sub-disciplines. Includes extended descriptions of each resource and links to tutorials.

The Arabidopsis Information Resource

The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) is a genomic and molecular biological database for the model plant organism A. thaliana. The database contains complete genomic sequences along with gene and gene product information. TAIR also contains links to sources for the purchasing of strains of A. thaliana and DNA.


Operating Institution: The Arabidopsis Information Resource

Supporting Institution(s): Phoenix Bioinformatics, Research subscribers


Quick Start Guide - How to set up an account and start using TAIR

YouTube Channel - Tutorials and how to register

FAQ Page



Created: 5/4/2019

Reviewed: 5/17/2019

Revised: 5/17/2019